Angela Isart, Lead Singer and Band Leader

Angela Isart, Lead Singer and Band Leader

Angela Isart has been a lead singer for local Houston cover bands since 2010. She founded A Sure Thing along with James Langenbuch, bassist, and guitarist, Miguel Thornton in August of 2014. Angela believes her wide vocal range stems from her years in church, high school, and college choirs as a first soprano where she was a featured soloist and part of the small ensemble. She received a scholarship for voice and attended San Jacinto College North. She received her teaching degree in 1998 from The University of Houston-Downtown, graduating with honors, and when not performing, works for the Houston Independent School District, as an Gifted and Talented Specialist. For Angela, A Sure Thing is no hobby. It's a labor of love and a dream come true to sing with such an accomplished group of musicians and friends. The men in her band have had a major impact on her life musically as well as personally, and she is proud to have created a band that is more of a family, dedicated and loyal to the group and to one another. The musical influences that have helped shape her own performances include Anne Wilson, Bette Midler, Barbara Streisand, Prince, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, Steve Perry, and Tina Turner to name a few.

James Langenbuch, Bassist

James Langenbuch, Bassist

James Langenbuch has been playing professionally since 1993 with both original and cover bands ranging from metal, country, blues, classic rock, dance, and now Tejano and Latin music with A Sure Thing. The first instrument he picked up was the saxophone when he played for his high school band till he discovered the guitar at the age of 16. Once he moved to the bass guitar; however, he found his true love. James has taught bass to beginners and advanced students alike ranging in age from 5 years of age to over 50 at JP Music in Tomball, TX. James also keeps his skills honed by playing a little bit of the standup or upright bass for kicks. His influences are: Larry Graham, Gezzer Butler, and Sting to name a few.

Miguel Thornton, Guitarist and Vocals

Miguel Thornton, Guitarist and Vocals

Miguel is one of the most versatile guitarists in Houston. When he is not performing, Miguel teaches music to beginners and advanced students, children and adults, at both Sessions Music and Clear Lake Music Lessons in Houston, TX. Miguel has been part of original bands as well as cover bands and has been playing guitar since he was 12 years old when he was introduced to the instrument by his father. He has over 30 years of experience at guitar. He also plays bass, drums, and keyboards. Miguel’s philosophy on music can be summed up by a quote from Ludwig van Beethoven, “To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable.”

Leon Kwikstiks Kittrell, Drums

Leon Kwikstiks Kittrell, Drums

Leon G. Kittrell II, started playing drums at the very early age of two years old. Being influenced by his father and many other drummers, he has taken a path that spans across many genres. He is totally self taught and has never had a lesson. He has been touring for the last 15 years. Starting out his career with his first major gig in the hip hop world with Travis Porter, he has crossed all genres and boundaries to date as a drummer. After being given the nickname "Kwikstiks" by Bo Diddley, Leon has been blazing up the industry from stages to studios working with the best. 

Currently Endorsed by: 

Mapex Drums 

Evans Drumheads 

Promark Drumsticks 




Solomon Mics 

Artist Leon has worked with: 


Syleena Johnson 

Roman GianArthur 

Tiffany Evans 



Eric Benet 


Janelle Monae 



Mac Miller 


Lil Wayne 


Norman Brown 

Ken Ford 

Travis Porter 

Lyric Jones 

Bo Didley 


Too Short 


Eddie Keyz Scott

Eddie Keyz Scott