When you can't explain it, you can find a song that can.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do you charge?
A: It all depends on what is requested, and there is much to consider.

  • How many hours of live music will you need, and how many sets will you require?
  • How big is the venue?
  • Is this an indoor or outdoor event?
  • Will we be required to dress according to the client’s specifications, anything outside of either formal or casual attire?
  • Will you require us to bring PA or will PA be provided?
  • Will we be required to bring stage lighting?
  • Will we need to learn new music for your event, music that is not already listed on our play list?
  • Will you need us to provide music in between sets?
  • Will we need to also act as a master of ceremonies?
  • Will safe parking be provided?
  • How far will we need to travel for your event?
  • Will this require an overnight stay?

Other factors may arise during planning, but all questions will be answered and plans finalized prior to your event so that you, the client, can enjoy the party.

Q: Are you a family friendly band?
A: Absolutely! We play at various venues in front of varying audiences, large and small, young and old. We can provide the best live entertainment for any occasion.
Q: Do you travel out of town for shows?
A: Yes! We have reliable ground transportation. There is a fee for travel, but that can be worked out when we plan.
Q: Do you require a down payment and/or contract?
A: For all private parties, we do require 20% to be paid within 1 week of the signed contract. You can see a list of basic items that would be included in a contract agreement in the Contracts and What to Expect section further below, but the actual contract between A Sure Thing and you may have altered terms. This is worked out when we plan.
Q: If I don’t see songs on your list that I want for my event, will you my request?
A: Yes, we are happy to create a customized play list of songs for your event. We will learn up to 15 new songs in addition to the extensive list that we are able to provide as long as we have the instruments required to provide you with the songs of your choice. All that we require is that the finalized list be submitted to the band at least 2 months in advance of your event. This can all be worked out when we meet to discuss and plan.
Q: Do you use backing tracks?
A: No. Tracks work great for bands who need to use them, but we include a keyboard player and can also add a horn section when the event calls for particular styles or pieces of music.

Contracts and What to Expect

The following are basic items that you might see when you decide to enter into an agreement with a band. Items will vary, depending on a number of factors, but you can count on the following:
  • Exact date of event, arrival time, and location of the event to include the exact address
  • Equipment that you are expected to supply and equipment the band is expected to supply--such as chairs, music stands, amplifiers, stage area, power sources, lighting, PA, etc. If the musicians are bringing their own equipment, record any extra charges that the band may require in order to provide your event with the utmost in quality to meet your satisfaction.
  • Bands should specify how many musicians have been booked, that is, are you hiring a six-piece band or a 12-piece orchestra? Make sure to also note the instruments they'll be playing. A Sure Thing is a five-piece band, but we have the resources to add more members who play specialized instruments to meet your needs.
  • The names of the particular musicians who will play at your event, plus the names of their substitutes should an emergency arise.
  • Attire guidelines: if you have any special requirement for what the performers wear, be sure to note them and be prepared to have this factored into the total price.
  • A list of what will be played and when it is to be played. Also talk to the band representative about B-list songs to play should they need to fill time. If you are serious about a DO NOT PLAY LIST, attach the list of songs you do NOT want played at your event.
  • Amount of time you've booked the band.
  • How many breaks are needed and when they plan to break for dinner (remember to think about what you'll need for music during these break times). Some bands will include this as part of their package, others may not. A Sure Thing includes this as part of the package.
  • Fees and overtime rates. Write a clause that ensures their flexibility should you need the band to play longer.
  • Deposit and balance due dates
  • Cancellation/refund policy.